Monday, April 23, 2012

The Legacy of Trayvon Martin

April 21 Mobile, AL- Man beaten by mob

April 17 Oak Park, IL -Black Suspect attacked white man because he was angry about Trayvon

update 5/1: April 14 (21?) Norfolk, VA -The Beating at Church & Brambleton "Do It For Travon"

April 11 Gainesville, FL - Good Samaritan attacked by mob

April 7 Gainesville, FL - Man attacked by mob

April 2, Sanford, FL - Man Beaten With Hammer

March 30 , East Toledo, Ohio - 78 year old man beaten by gang

Even though she's been told to sit down and shut up, I wonder if Ms. Fulton would like to step forward and give her opinion?  How would she really like her son to be remembered?

Updated: I'm adding links to news stories as they come to light.  How long with this list grow?  How many stories have not been publicly reported?

Go Read: Bob Owens at PJ Media lists 15 victims so far;  I will compare and add here as I am able.

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