Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Bad State of Florida

George Zimmerman's WIFE arrested!

I can hardly believe this.  Florida must be going for the title of "Worst Prosecutors in the US".  Those big, bad bully prosecutors are really working overtime on this thing.

PLEASE donate to the Zimmerman Legal Fund now.  GIVE to the Zimmerman's

Show them that the rest of the nation does NOT stand with the State of Florida in their quest to destroy George Zimmerman.

If you think George hunted the angelic 12-year-old Trayvon down and shot him, you need to go to The Last Refuge (Conservative Tree House) blog  and read everything they have posted about this case. (starting from Update #1 through Update #28) and look at the real truth.  George Zimmerman was defending himself from an unprovoked attack by Trayvon Martin.  

Also, borrow tactics from the Left.  Why not boycott Florida?, especially the Orlando area.  Cancel your reservations at Disney World.  Don't buy Florida Orange Juice.  TELL the companies you are boycotting why you are doing so.

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