Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Barack Obama Should Resign

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Hear Hear.

Any US Citizen who continues to support Barack Obama as President, or his Administration, is an idiot who deserves to lose his/her freedom.

Just don't ask me to come along for the ride.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Me and Costco -- The Divorce

I've had a membership at Costco for 3 years, maybe 4.  I've budgeted my family's limited income and gone to buy our household goods and groceries, carefully comparing prices and often buying those items at Costco.

I've read a couple of articles and watched a TV magazine story about the success of Costco.  An American success story, the result of hard work and free enterprise.  I respected the people in the Costco company.

Not any more.

While watching the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, the co-founder of Costco Jim Sinegal came onstage and declared that a Barack Obama presidency would be better for America than a Mitt Romney presidency.

Well, how about that.  He's rich now because of free enterprise and capitalism.  And he's supporting a marxist.

I believe in free speech, and Mr. Sinegal  has a right to publicly express his preference and opinion.   But if you're going to mix business with politics, you have to be willing to accept the consequences.

Costco won't get any more of my money.  I'm turning in my membership card on Saturday -- that will be my first opportunity to physically get to the store.

Yes, Costco, I'm divorcing you.

Will it make a difference in the bottom line?  Probably not.  I'm only one membership card.  But I'm no longer willing to have my money go to line the pockets of marxist-supporting liberals.

My only solace is in knowing that my bathroom is well-stocked with Costco's Kirkland brand of toilet paper, and I will think of Mr. Sinegal every time I use it.

#Costco National Card Return Day, Saturday, September 8.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mr. Sandman

credit: QCity Metro

Mr. Sandman, you brought us your dream 
We got no budget in this political scene 
Slashed our defenses and cut the land rovers 
And told us that are greatest days are over

Sandman, I'm so alone
Don't have no money to call my own 
Please turn off your magic beam 
Mr. Sandman, this is your dream.

Mr. Sandman you brought us your dream 
Wealth redistribution is really a scream
You treat our money like you are John Gotti 
What happened to my new Maserati? 

Sandman, I'm so alone 
Don't have no apartment to call my own 
Please turn off your magic beam 
Mr. Sandman, this is your dream 

Mr. Sandman, you brought us your dream 
Helped us to make our economy green
Gave all our money to your pals at Solyndra
November 6, we're going to rescind ya. 

Mr Romney, someone so bold 
Would be so peachy before we're too old 
So please turn off your magic beam 
Mr Romney, bring us, please, please, please 
Mr Romney, bring us your team!

(Read More on the DNC2012 sand sculpture: Citizen Journalist)