Monday, November 5, 2012

Voting for a President

That is today's Carolina Plotthound headline, which leads to this article: WRAL: Bill Clinton Makes Case for Obama in Raleigh

So Slick Willie came to Raleigh to tell us we should be concerned with truth-telling.  

Ha. The Prevaricator Extraordinaire coming to bat for our President who has lied to us about the events in Benghazi. 


Well, Yes, I do care about whether my President is telling me the truth.  And I am of the opinion that he is not. 

So, I'm not voting for him. 

If you are thinking about voting for Obama, please think long and hard before you push that button on the voting machine. 

Please pray about it, and let your Higher Spirit lead your hand.  

Even if you have loudly supported Obama in this campaign.  

Nobody else will know who you really voted for, unless you tell them.

It's called a secret ballot for a reason.

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