Sunday, July 14, 2013

George is found Not Guilty - Help for your Uninformed Friends

Tell your Uninformed Friends to forget everything they have heard from TV and read this.

In our house, we have tried to teach ours to do what you are supposed to be doing, and to be where you are supposed to be. We once had an occasion with camping scouts who ended up in jeopardy because 1) they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing, and 2) they were not where they were supposed to be.  Lesson learned, and used as an example for a long time.

With that as a backdrop, I looked at the "facts and inferences therefrom" (Mantei, I think.)

Trayvon was at Brandi's home with Chad.  Trayvon wanted a snack, and Chad said he wanted skittles.  One report said that Trayvon called his dad "begging" for permission to walk to the store.  The store is a tad more than a mile away.  Said to be about a 17-minute walk. Although the "B" on this map, representing Brandi's house,  should be further south.

   He was supposed to go to the store, make his purchase, and return home to stay with Chad and watch a ballgame on TV.

He makes his purchase at  the store at 6:20 something. (Timeline ) He should have been back with Chad by say, 6:40.  Maybe 6:45. Maybe 6:50. Certainly, by 7:00. It was raining, and if light drizzle was alternating with heavy downpour, maybe he stopped or waited for it to lighten up.   Maybe he stopped to chat with friends.  Except Tracy (or Brandi) said "He doesn't know anyone around here."

So, George was supposed to go to Target.  He leaves his house and is driving down the street at roughly 7:10, and sees Trayvon.  If Trayvon had purposefully and directly walked to the store and back, he would have been inside Brandi's house by 7:10. Where he was supposed to be.

I'm not saying Trayvon did anything legally or morally wrong by lingering on his walk.  I'm saying, if he had been purposeful and direct, he would not have been seen at all by George.

George was supposed to go Target.  And George was also supposed to watch out for unusual happenings in his neighborhood.  When he sees something unusual, he is supposed to call the Non-Emergency police number. He did.

George parked his truck at location marked 6 on this map from HLN, and Trayvon ran (blue line on the map).  Trayvon ran down the top of the "T" and around and behind a building.   George did not get out of his truck until Trayvon was out of George's line of sight.  Therefore, George was out of Trayvon's line of sight.  Trayvon could not see through a building. If Trayvon continued down the dog walk (yellow line I added to the map)  toward Brandi's home (blue circle), there is no way Trayvon could discern that George had got out of his truck.   See?

George got out of his truck, when he was talking to Non-Emergency dispatcher.  He walked in the same direction Trayvon went.  ("Followed")  He could not see Trayvon.  Dispatcher asked him if he was following, George said "Yes".  Dispatcher said "We don't need you to do that."  George said "OK".  George only walked on top part of the "T" that runs east-west (orange line on map).  He never went south on the dog walk. There is No Evidence that suggests George continued to Follow.      Dispatcher did not issue a command.  Dispatcher did not tell him to get back in his truck right now.    George was supposed to be keeping an eye out for Trayvon, and determining an address for where he himself was, and waiting for the Police to arrive.  George only walked on the top part of the "T" that runs east-west.  He didn't walk south on the dog walk.

Trayvon was supposed to be going to Brandi's residence.

Rachel said she was on the phone with Trayvon, and he said he was "by his dad's"  Follow the yellow line down to the blue circle.  That's where Brandi lived.

If George got out of his truck, and pursued Trayvon and chased him down, the altercation would have been closer to Brandi's home. (Area I circled in red. )  Because that is where Trayvon was.

There are No reports of any activity at that end of the dog walk.  None.

That means Trayvon had to decide to return to the upper end of the walk.  In order to find George.  Because George was NEVER down by where Brandi lived.

Trayvon was supposed to return to Brandi's house, and give Chad his skittles, and watch the game.  He had plenty of time and opportunity to do that.  He did not do what he was supposed to do.  He was not where he was supposed to be.

Trayvon returned to the upper area of the dogwalk, and confronted George at the "T".  Intentionally and with a purpose.

And it has been ruled by a jury that George Zimmerman did not hunt, pursue, chase down and kill Trayvon Martin with a depraved mind.  Because of the FACTS presented to that jury.

You can accept the verdict, or not.  That is entirely up to you.   But at least look at the geography of the situation and rethink your opinion.

Do good things, and stand in good places.

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